China 3 d glass market development present situation and the glass cover of supply and demand analysis
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  3 d glass superior performance, compared to other materials have comparative advantage. At present, mobile phone can do shell with a plastic, ceramic, glass, metal, etc. Plastic shell is limited to low-end phones, has been basically eliminated. Millet used ceramic back cover note, but I can‘t go up production, higher prices at the same time, large-scale production and roa is the biggest bottleneck in the ceramic plate. With 3 d curved surface glass as a mobile phone shell, the appearance of more superior material, the heat dissipation, gloss and wear resistance has more advantage. At the same time, the design of bending and the radian of the palm of your hand to cooperate, more in line with the requirements of human body engineering.
  Flat glass passed from 2 D to the development of the 2.5 D to 3 D, 2.5 D and traditional glass, pottery and porcelain plate compared to metal backboard, 3 D glass more superior performance. 3 d glass in the future is expected to be widely used in 3 c products such as smart phones, smart watches, tablets, dashboard and other wearable products cover plate and the back screen.
  According to booz data released by the China from 2016 to 2022 3 d glass market analysis and prospect research report: 2015 glass cover plate production in our country is 22.1 million square meters, the domestic demand for 15.35 million square meters, with the glass plate industry overall capacity of ascension, and product extension in the field of downstream demand, export situation is good, the glass panel industry in China glass cover product net exports growth from 2010, 2.7 million square meters to 6.75 million square meters in 2015.
  3 d glass and flexible OLED perfect combination. OLED according to the different driving mode can be divided into PMOLED and AMOLED, PMOLED scanning way light array of pixels, each pixel is in short pulse mode operation, for the moment high-brightness light-emitting, advantage is simple structure, low cost.
  But because the driving voltage is higher, are not suitable for application in large size and high resolution on the front panel. AMOLED by independent film transistors control each pixel, can be continuous and independent drive, low driving voltage, long life components. Including smart phones, OLED TV refers to the AMOLED, PMOLED is only a small amount of applied in automotive panel and a small amount of small size products.
  3 d glass with a thin, transparent, clean, fingerprint resistant, anti glare, weather resistance, not only can promote intelligent terminal product appearance novel, also can bring good touch feeling.
  In recent years, OLED (organic light emitting diode) surface screen has gradually become the application trend of smartphone, benefit from this, use arc design, matching surface screen 3 d glass cover will shine brilliantly. With the advent of the era of 4 g, NFC (near distance wireless communication technology), WiFi (wi-fi), LIFI (visible light wireless communication), and other wireless communication technology application is more and more widely, and metal fuselage can block or interfere with the signal to a certain degree. Smart phones using 3 d display screen and 3 d glass back cover, can solve this problem well. In addition, because the arc design, 3 d glass also has the feel is smooth, texture thin, transparent, clean, prevent the glare, etc.