OLED market expanding Japanese equipment manufacturers
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  Panasonic is the wave of OLED TV agitation, the earliest into 4 k OLED TV production manufacturers, the factory procurement of South Korea‘s LG Electronics (LG Electronics), OLED panel in the European market sales OLED TV, because the result is satisfied, therefore decided in 2017 sales to North America, Japan and other regions.
  OLED market expanding Japanese equipment manufacturers
  With Panasonic expand the OLED TV sales, Sony and Toshiba (Toshiba) also announced in January 2017, will be mass-produced OLED TV in 2017 years, although are purchasing lg OLED panel, but are GeChang using unique technology, create a different sound and light show, hope to be able to make obvious market segments.
  Expand the OLED display panel industry, not just TV, smart phone only Samsung (Samsung Electronics) launch the OLED panel phone, but with the news that apple will use the OLED panel, intelligent mobile phones factory also launched the OLED panel, OLED panel market demand increased immediately.
  So Sharp (Sharp) and Japan (JDI) announced in 2016 that OLED display panel equipment investment, reserve OLED panel production since 2018, break up market more than 90% in the current situation of the OLED panel are supplied by samsung and lg.
  Although most global OLED panel are from south Korean manufacturers supply, but OLED materials and dominated by day factory production equipment, in particular, it is worth noting that the Mitsui mining plant pine island industry (Mitsui Matsushima), which in January 13, 2017, announced the merger and acquisition news, object is the Clean glass special film processing Technology plant Surface Technology (CST).
  CST key technology is to make the liquid crystal display panels special film processing technology, this technology can also be applied to OLED panel, mitsui pine island industry merger and acquisition decision-making, is locked in the OLED panel market, the technology and the development of OLED panel related business.
  In addition, the production of OLED waterproof membrane, factory Dynic luminescent material valley to soil Chemical industry (Hodogaya Chemical), ultra-thin panel production device of Ulvac factory, also be regarded as in 2017, it is worth noting that the OLED technology vendors.
  OLED panel are regarded as LCD and plasma panel after the next generation of display technology, but Sony OLED TV debut in 2007, because the production cost is too high, was shut down in 2010, In 2012, Sony and Panasonic OLED TV production technology, develop relationship end at the end of 2014, the cooperation unit independent JOLED company formation, continuous developing large size OLED display production technology.