Price or will stop panel market trend forecast in 2017
Time: 2017-02-15 Reads: 412 Edit: Admin
  This year, analysts say, panel sentiment is good, because new capacity have been in place, the second half of demand side on the television, to the development of large size and under the laptop recession co., LTD., a stable, supply less demand, during the first half of the whole business is good, the second half because of possible factory capacity, and the panel will impact. And the second half of the year to observe the situation of the supply and demand, also look at whether there is a replacement tide, but the whole, it is a good year, panel factory is still expected to continue to profit, since the panel prices up since last year, this year, even if has revised down, also don‘t again fall back to 2015, when the first half of 2016.
  Seven generations of samsung last year shut down line, resulting in 40 inches panel supply gap, and at the end of last year from sharp will stop for samsung panel, these two things to sharp have a big impact, is an important product line, samsung 40 inches under supply, brand factory in the first three months of this year will buy 43 inches to meet, now 43 inches is heavily dependent on au, because Beijing Oriental 43 inches to supply until season 2.
  Is expected in the case of 40 43 inches to buy enough, affects the 49 and 50 inches quotation also follow. In the case of samsung continued to buy a new panel, other brand factory will follow also continue to buy, to consolidate the ground, therefore, in the first three months of this year the market atmosphere present off-season does not light. In the first three months of this year, although requirements are not very strong, in the case of big brand factory to buy, the price is still expected to continue to uplift, Taiwan factory in 40 inches, 43, 50 inches have prices space, don‘t look gloomy, may with the fourth quarter of last year, not far from the off-season is not obvious.
  As for the second quarter, is to have a proper adjustment in theory, but for July 6 - ready for the season started, although brand factory has to adjust but did not dare to slash, although prices will 俢, not intense, but expected price correction. The third quarter, however, because of facing relatively high prices, may influence brand factory. Analysts believe that China star, the sun, in including China factory factory group of gen, LGD Korea factory this year before the new capacity will be in season 2 out in succession, the third quarter increased capacity pressure, plus stock will affect brand factory, where possible, the peak season of season 3 instead appears conservative on the price, is unlikely to expect prices up.