Rob mainland market collective power OLED panel factory in the future
Time: 2017-02-15 Reads: 431 Edit: Admin
  Skyworth mainland joint panel factory to indicate the production of independent research and development of China‘s first OLED TV
  Since apple comes out with OLED panel on its new smartphones, mainland manufacturers began to focus fire investment OLED panel, contains the largest panel factory, boe six mainland factory building new OLED panel factory, forecast to 2020, the size of the total investment will exceed 2 million yen to preempt the OLED panel thirty percent market in the future.
  Boe, huaxing photoelectric, tianma, and glow land plants, such as electric and d cigna announced that will hit about t $600 billion investment six OLED panel factory, against samsung the dominating the smart mobile phone of the status of the OLED panel. On both sides of the original book six generations of LTPS panel factory mass production last year, all behind, mainly is the product yield is not easy to lift. Technology investment competition has begun a new round of high-end mobile phone panel, and land plants in the most positive, and announced in sichuan boe sheep investment of 46.5 billion yuan, the construction of six generations of flexible OLED panel factory, plan production in 2019.
  Thanks LCD TV size amplification, resulting in large panel lasts out of stock. Panel factory continued expansion of this year, including chengdu, xianyang cec panda group has a 8.6 generation of line 1, 8.5 generation line, sun group chongqing 8.5 generation line in fuzhou and hefei boe 10.5 generation of line and so on, huaxing photoelectric line 11 generation have also started to layout, robbing the OLED market share in the future.